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Our Dance Classes Are The Best In Richmond!

Dance classes are a great way to learn how to dance, as you can be sure that you are mastering the proper techniques while sharing the experience with others doing the same. It is important to choose the right class and instructor, however, as a second-rate operation may fail to teach you what you need to know. Worse yet, you may end up turned off from dance for a lifetime. That’s why you should trust Rhythm Inc. Dance Studios with your dance classes Richmond!

We have been providing dance classes since 2007, so we know how to teach dance. Our extensive list of options ensures that we have something for everyone, regardless of age, experience level, or preferred style. You may bring your own partner for styles that require it, or we can pair you with one of our expert instructors. We will be able to accommodate whatever you need, making us your best option for dance classes Richmond.

It would be impossible to list all of the classes we offer, but here are a few examples to show you what we can do. Our Country Western dance classes include popular forms such as line dancing and the waltz, taking your two-step to a whole new level. We also offer instruction in traditional ballroom dances such as the Tango and the waltz, letting you glide across the dance floor with elegance. Our Latin dance classes are ideal for dancers looking for a sensual Rumba or high-energy salsa, while our swing dance classes specialize in swinging to hits past and present.

If you are self-conscious or simply prefer to learn alone, our private dance instruction can cover as much as six classes worth of material per session. You will be able to learn at your own pace without concern for the judgmental glances of others.

We can also help you dominate the dance floor if you have a special event coming up. Our cruise ship lessons are ideal for individuals looking to dance under the stars. Alternatively, we can help you devise and master a routine sure to wow the crowd at your wedding or Quinceañera.

If you’re looking for dance instruction for your child, we offer an impressive array of children’s classes to choose from as well. Dance helps young people get in touch with their creative side while simultaneously encouraging them to stay active and fit. Our Teen Couples program teaches the importance of teamwork in a fun, energetic setting, while our Twinkle Toes lessons for children aged 3-6 serves as a fun introduction to something that can become a lifelong passion. We even offer a Latin Conditioning course that compliments Latin dancing with strength training, Pilates and stretching to help young dancers stay in shape.

Finally, dancers looking for a competition can join our Adrenaline or Pure Rhythm dance troupes (for kids) or our Competitor classes (for adults). All three offer the opportunity to dance in the most prestigious dance competitions in the nation.

Contact us on our website (, via email (, or by phone (281-638-5372) to register for a dance class today!

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